Quality Audit

Whatever part of your business we are evaluating our detailed Reports are, of course, designed around your specific requirements. They can accommodate as many levels and sub-sections as required, including reports on the organisation as a whole, by country, region or division and section as well as operational teams and departments. Employee Climate Surveys can also be further sub-divided according to employee grade, gender, length of service and even the number of hours and/or specific days worked.

All of our reports can be designed to facilitate Historical Comparisons when required. These are particularly informative when, for example in-company initiatives have taken place between reports. E.g. sales promotions, customer service training or the introduction of a new product range.

Online Reporting
For a more innovative and extremely effective approach Service Scan can offer Online Reporting. Clients are able to access a dedicated and secure website which allows for detailed and complex data to be readily interrogated.


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