Mystery Shopping for American Media-Based Animation Stores

Service Scan were contracted by a major American Media-Based Animation Company to carry out a Mystery Shopping programme throughout their stores. This challenging project required Service Scan to visit over 100 of their high profile stores across Europe (UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany). These visits took place on a monthly basis for a period of three years.

The questionnaire used was designed to adhere strictly to the clearly defined service standards in place within the company’s stores worldwide.

Service Scan were required to report back on the monthly visits to the London-based European headquarters. In addition to the individual store reports there were monthly summaries on a regional, country and Europe-wide basis.

Reports were made available via a dedicated, password-protected web-site. This mode of reporting gave the added benefits of immediate access and the facility to 'interrogate' data e.g. results on a question-by-question basis – historically, by store, by region, by country.