Catering Contractor Quality and Compliance Audits

Service Scan is now in its third year of carrying out Quality and Compliance Audits of the Catering Contractors in place at Racecourse Holdings Trust’s thirteen racecourses throughout the UK.

The Quality and Compliance Audits cover a range of areas within the contractor’s remit, for example Customer Interaction, Personal Appearance and Grooming, Management Presence and Payment Practices. In addition to compliance with relevant Food Hygiene, Health & Safety and Licensing Legislation, the audits also highlight issues relating to food and beverage quality, presentation, availability and merchandising standards.

Reports and proposed Action Plans are submitted to both the Racecourse Management as well as the Contractors employed at the racecourses. These detailed reports not only incorporate narrative and general observations they also include Historical Comparisons and League Tables.

The reports and recommended action points are discussed at regular joint management meetings and support the re-tendering process when appropriate.
(A separate report is prepared in respect of the Toilet Facilities in order to facilitate feedback to the cleaning contractors.)